The KunaiWear Story

From humble beginnings as a home-made cosplay company, to a small but mighty team of anime fans, read more about the story of how we came to create the 'Kunaiverse' world of original characters.

Cosplay to KunaiWear

Our journey began as a cosplay clothing company in 2021, crafting homemade cosplay creations for anime fans to wear at convnetions and events. From those early days of costume and cosplay, we embarked on an evolution that saw KunaiWear emerge as a brand to showcase our original anime character designs. Fast forward to 2023, our small but mighty team is dedicated to creating high quality anime apparel, that any anime fan will be proud to wear, either as a standalone piece or as part of their streetwear outfit.

Growing Pains

The journey to create the Kunaiverse was not without its challenges. Like any small business, we faced the challenges of sourcing high-quality materials, ink, and perfecting the printing and bonding process for their products. Together with a talented team who are passionate about their craft, we are proud to have overcome these obstacles, to make KunaiWear the brand it is today.

Enter the 'Kunaiverse'

As KunaiWear evolved, so did its vision. Recognizing the immense potential of their original anime character designs, the company made a pivotal decision to rebrand itself as KunaiWear. With this transition, the team embarked on a journey to establish a small business with a localized touch. They set up their operations in Raleigh, NC, embracing a hands-on approach to our original art, web design, product creation, and customer service.

By Fans for Fans

We believe that what truly sets KunaiWear apart is its commitment to maintaining an operation that is run by anime fans for anime fans. Each design is carefully, ensuring that every product embodies the dedication to that anime fans deserve. By maintaining control over the entire production process, we believe we can deliver exceptional quality while fostering a sense of authenticity and craftsmanship in every piece we create.

Join the Movement

The journey of KunaiWear exemplifies the transformative power of following your passion and creating original characters that you and your audience can connect with. From humble beginnings as a cosplay company to establishing ourselves and rebranding as KunaiWear, this adventure has meant overcoming obstacles and prioritizing originality, unique design craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. Join the movement today and enter the 'Kunaiverse'.